WE tv Original Series Highlights


WE tv Original Series Highlights
Secret Lives of Women (Season 4, Tuesdays at 10PM ET)
An intimate look at the provocative lives some women lead. These first-person accounts of women’s stories are sure to pique curiosity, leaving you to realize that you can’t judge a woman by her cover.
Bridezillas (Season 5, Sundays at 9PM ET)
WE tv’s most successful original series to date is back with all new episodes, but this time the family fights back! This new season promises to be better than ever!
Amazing Wedding Cakes (Sundays at 10PM ET)
The cake must be perfect! This original series delivers an insider's glimpse into the high-design and high-stress world of creating the most intricately designed wedding cakes ever imagined.
The Locator (Saturdays at 9PM ET)
WE tv's new original series, The Locator, follows the many journeys of Troy Dunn, a real life missing person's expert. Inspired by his mother who was given up for adoption as a baby, Troy helps people locate their birth mothers, lost siblings, or lost loved ones.
John Edward Cross Country (Saturdays at 10PM ET)
World-renowned medium, John Edward is back for another season. Watch as John gives personal readings to celebrities and to people from across the country.
Cinematherapy (Thursdays at 8PM ET)
A seven-year long WE tv movie franchise, Cinematherapy is hosted by comedian and resident “Cinematherapist,” Chuck Nice. Watch as Chuck takes to the streets with his famous red couch asking women questions about their lives, relating back to a particular WE tv movie.