We TV Puts Seven Series Into Development

Shows Spotlight 'Bold Women' Taking Control Of Their Lives, Net Says
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We TV said it has seven shows in development that “underscore [its] commitment to spotlighting women who are bold and in charge of the world around them.”

Lauren Gellert, the AMC Networks women's outlet’s SVP of original production & development, said in a release: “We're extremely excited about our current development slate featuring programs about bold, powerful women who are unapologetic for the way they live their lives. The shows we are developing explore women's secret temptations, fantasies, and their exciting and fun adventures. Our goal is to create an environment women can call their own; closing the door to the outside world and indulging in some juicy entertainment.”

The development slate, aimed at possible 2013-14 debuts, includes:

Bedroom Confidential, described as “part docu-soap, part social experiment, featuring five female friends who allow cameras access to every aspect of their lives, including their bedrooms.”

Big Pippen, a docu-series about Larsa and Scottie Pippen (right). (Left Right Productions.) 

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Chasing Ballroom, a docu-soap described as the real life Dancing with the Stars, with the stars being real women who indulge their fantasy of being a dancer. (Sony.)

Divas For Jesus, which follows “a group of fabulous Christian women whose faith consists of guns, god, gossip and great wine,” set in Nashville. (Bischoff Hervey Entertainment in association with Carrie Gerlach Cecil.)

Powerlist, tracking successful, self-made women who refuse to choose between having an amazing career and a family. (Electus.)

Shoe Whores (working title), in which women are asked to choose between their favorite pair of shoes and an eligible bachelor. Hosted by Ritch Erani, the designer behind CHUCKiES New York. (Go Go Luckey.)

Single Brides, a docu-soap that “follows fiancé-free ladies as they plan their dream wedding while continuing to date in the hopes they’ll find the right bachelor to meet them at the altar. (World of Wonder.)