WE tv Wants to ‘Save Your Life’


WE tv early next year will debut a new original series called I Want to Save Your Life, an undercover intervention series featuring weight loss and behavior modification expert Charles Platkin, network officials said Tuesday.

I Want to Save Your Life follows Platkin as he makes lifestyle interventions on behalf of family members concerned about the fate of their loved ones. The series is scheduled for eight, half-hour episodes sometime in the first quarter of 2009.

“Airing as part of the network’s WE Transform programming strand, this new series is fascinating to watch, not only for the dramatic physical transformations but the complete lifestyle turnarounds that Charles is able to foster,” Steve Cheskin, senior vice president of programming for WE tv, said in a statement. “It’s a series that’s very much in keeping with our strategy of bringing viewers original stories that inspire and make an emotional connection.”

In each episode, Platkin is commissioned by loved ones who fear for their friend or relative’s life due to their poor lifestyle choices. He takes secret cameras into an unsuspecting subject’s life, tracking their food intake and exercise habits. For several days, he works with the subject, shadowing them while at home and at work, and introducing creative ways they can change their life, including portion control, healthy food alternatives and lost opportunities for exercise.

In the end, Platkin leaves the subject with a game plan for life and checks back after several months to see if they have maintained a healthy lifestyle.

I Want To Save Your Life isbeing produced by High Noon Entertainment.