WealthTV Provides Wealth of Stem-Cell Info


Stem-cell research has been a hot-button topic, and WealthTV is on it.

The national HD network is offering two original 30-minute programs on the subject free-of-charge to cable and direct-broadcast satellite providers, as well as networks, through Nov. 2.

Fountain of Youth and Profiles of Courage, part of the network’s Wealth on Health series, feature prominent figures in the stem-cell debate.

“We simply want to get everyone involved in the discussion and educated on this important issue,” WealthTV president Robert Herring said in a prepared statement. “If more people turn out to vote in November, then we will be part of a positive result, regardless of any particular outcome on the stem-cell issue.”

Clips of each program, as well as information on how to obtain digital master copies, is available on WealthTV’s Web site (www.wealthtv.net).