Weather Channel Digital Marks Rise With Irene

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As concerns and coverage mounted along with Hurricane Irene's march up the Eastern seaboard, digital records swelled for The Weather Channel.
On Saturday Aug. 27, Weather Channel's iPad app set new highs across all metrics, while scored a new video mark with almost 13 million streams.
During the course of the week as it became apparent that Irene would make landfall, saw its page views jump from its quarter to date average of 31.4 million on Aug. 21 to 34.9 million that day, according to the programmer. Page views jumped each day thereafter to 39.1 million on Aug. 22, 53.4 million on Aug. 23, and over 63 million on Aug. 24. Along with the rain and the surf, the count surged to 98.9 million on Aug. 25 and103.5 million on Aug. 26, before receding to 87.1 million on Saturday Aug. 27.'s daily unique visitors climbed from 7.07 million on Aug. 21 to over 12 million on Aug. 24, before building to 16.1 million, 16.7 million and 19.2 million apiece on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Video streams, at 555, 587 on Aug. 21, surpassed the 12 million mark on Friday, before reaching a site record 12.93 million yesterday.
As for Weather's iPad page view count, the arrow went straight up from Aug. 21, save for Aug. 22, before culminating with new records on Saturday.
On Aug. 21, page views reached 2.88 million, a 59% jump from its quarterly average to date of 1.81 million. That total decreased the next day to 1.61 million, before escalating to 1.97 million on Aug. 23, 2.44 million the next and 3.01 million on Aug. 25. Come Friday, that mark jumped to 3.43 million and 5.26 million on Saturday.
The iPad uniques tracked a similar course, building every day from Aug. 23 (424,558) to 600,655 on Aug. 26 and 759,157 on Aug. 27, respectively.
Relative to video streams, the iPad counts grew each day from Aug. 21 from 238,532 -- 128% above the quarter to date average of 104,544 at that point -- to record marks of 916, 902 and 1.57 million on Friday and Saturday, respectively.