Weather Forecasts New Programming


A pair of two-hour weekday blocks, along with a pair of ongoing featurette
series, highlight The Weather Channel's fall-2003 new-programming plans.

The network went a rare upfront route to introduce its new agenda, doing so
Wednesday night among some 300 advertising and media representatives in New
York, with 2003 Grammy Award-winning rocker Michelle Branch providing the

The blocks -- Afternoon Edition and PM Edition -- will run
back-to-back, with Afternoon starting at 4 p.m. EST and PM Edition
two hours later.

Both programs will blend in current forecast updates, five-/seven-day planner
segments and lifestyle tips connected to weather subjects.

The new blocks accelerate a format conversation TWC has instituted over the
past five years from hour-long forecaster shifts all the time to multi-hour
shows with set hosts and tone, such as Your Weather Today, First
, Weekend Now and, most recently, Evening Edition.

Also coming in this fall will be TWC Road Crew, a live two-minute
portion of Evening Edition and Weekend Now originating from sports
events, festivals and entertainment attractions.

For other time slots, Weather Center will show up, offering
outdoor-activity opportunities, as well as home-repair and gardening