Web Outfit Backs PPV Concert Set


Internet content provider MCY.com will offer cable operators a series of low-cost, pay-per-view concerts over the next 14 months.

The series begins Nov. 10 with Ozzfest 2000, a multi-band event created by heavy-metal legend Ozzy Osbourne, said BTP consulting president Jay Hassman, who handles PPV distribution for the web company. Rock groups set to appear on the taped PPV event include Incubus, Pantera and Godsmack.

"This is the fifth year that Ozzfest has been held," said Hassman, who was previously head of PPV distribution for World Championship Wrestling. "The shows have combined for $60 million in gate revenue, but it's the first time the event will be available to PPV."

Unlike traditional, more expensive PPV concerts, Hassman said the show will retail at a suggested price of $14.95. The show will have an exclusive PPV window, with MCY.com later offering only segments from the event-as well as non-PPV footage-via the Internet.

"At no time will what is shown in its entirety on PPV will be shown on the Internet," Hassman said.

The company intends to distribute as many as seven PPV music-oriented shows over the next 14 months, Hassman said. Some of the talent proposed include rapper Eminem, Latin music star Enrique Iglesias, pop crooner Sheryl Crow and thrash rockers Limp Bizkit.

Though music events have failed to materialize into a dependable PPV revenue source for operators, Hassman believes providing concerts on a consistent basis will help brand the category and convince consumers to anticipate and expect the next show.

"One of the reasons that concerts haven't done so well is that no one has dedicated the time and resources to make it a PPV category," Hassman said. "We're going to create a brand behind the product and consumers will come to look for these events."