Web Surfers Can Get a Feel for Speed


Internet surfers that check out Speed Channel’s Web site (www.speedtv.com) can play a racing game that features the logo of their local cable operator on the back of a race car, and billboards that tout the operator’s brands lining the track.

The gimmick is part of a subscriber-acquisition campaign called “The High-Speed Experience,” which Speed Channel owner Fox Cable Networks Group is offering to affiliates looking to boost cable-modem subscribership.

It’s the first time the company is running a local marketing campaign for affiliates in both the United States and Canada for any Fox Cable network, said executive vice president of affiliate sales and marketing Lindsay Gardner.

Rogers Cable, Canada’s largest cable operator, is participating.

Among the U.S. MSOs that have signed on: Cox Communications Inc., Charter Communications Inc., Comcast Corp. and Time Warner Cable.

Speed Channel will run ads that will direct viewers to its Web site, and Fox is also asking affiliates to run 200 cross-channel spots tied to the campaign.

Viewers that go to the Web site will be able to view up to 15 racing video clips that will be updated frequently. They’ll also be able to play video and trivia games.

“We’re providing leads to our affiliates,” Gardner said, explaining how Speed will prompt Internet surfers to enter their home address and phone number in order to view the video clips or play games on the site.

“We, in real time, send that lead to the local-system [customer-service representative],” he added.

The promotion kicked off last Monday. Affiliates can sign up at foxcable.com.