Website Launched to Fight NSA Data Surveillance

Free Press, ACLU, Others Join to Push Back on Patriot Act

Free Press, Tech Freedom, the ACLU and numerous other privacy advocates have launched a website that will make it easier for for the public to register its displeasure with the NSA's mass surveillance of private citizens' telecom records under the authority of the Patriot Act.

The site, (named after the section of the Act that allows for the surveillance), provides users with three different messages they can tweet to House and Senate leaders, all with the same basic theme: "End untargeted surveillance."

It also provides the phone numbers of elected officials, plus a template of exactly what to say when calling. Users can then place their calls via the website.

The White House has taken steps to address data collection issues raised by the leaks of NSA contractor Edward Snowden, but has not eliminated the bulk surveillance collection program.

“Mass surveillance of innocent Americans must end," said Berin Szoka, president of TechFreedom. “President Obama has the power to end bulk collection of our records at any time, but has — thus far — chosen not to. Where the White House has failed to protect our Constitutional rights, Congress must step into the void. We cannot afford to rubber-stamp the Patriot Act — yet again — without significant reforms. Of course the NSA plays a valuable role in protecting Americans, but it must — and can — do that consistent with the Fourth Amendment, which bars indiscriminate surveillance of innocent Americans with no connection to national security threats.”