Wendy's Sets Cross-Platform Buy


Wendy's International Inc. and AOL Time Warner Inc. announced a multiyear,
cross-platform alliance Thursday.

The Wendy's buy, through Bates Worldwide, will include promotional tie-ins
with TBS Superstation's 'Dinner & a Movie' and 'Guys Who Like Movies'
franchises, the syndicated Rosie O'Donnell Show and online links with
such entities as People.com and America Online Inc.'s AOL

A budget figure was not disclosed.

As part of the deal, the companies said, Wendy's will unveil an unspecified
sweepstakes promotion this spring.

Without offering details, the companies added that still other media elements
in the multiyear integrated buy will include customized billboards on The WB
Television Network broadcast network and buys involving Turner Network
Television and such magazines as Sports Illustrated.

AOL Time Warner chief operating officer Robert Pittman said in a prepared
statement that this deal -- which emerged from negotiations between the Bates ad
agency and the media giant's Global Marketing Solutions unit -- 'goes above and
beyond the concept of a standard media buy.'

Wendy's executive vice president and chief marketing officer Don Calhoun
added that as a result of this buy, 'Consumers will see the Wendy's brand in
places and ways they've never seen us before.'