Western Show Lives for 2002


Yes, Virginia, there will be a 2002 Western Show.

Although the California Cable & Telecommunications Association took a
substantial financial hit due to an underattended 2001 meeting, exacerbated by
the outlay to pay to have major MSOs participate, the executive committee of the
lobbying association has decided to continue the trade show.

Its sights will be lower, however, with the CCTA hoping to attract 10,000 to
14,000 attendees instead of the approximately 30,000 it could attract a mere
three years ago.

The decision to continue was fueled by the result of a January focus-group
study indicating that there is still enough industry support for the meeting,
scheduled Dec. 3 through 6.

The show will further strengthen its broadband focus, but in a way that makes
it 'the layman's technology show,' to differentiate it from the meeting held by
the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers, CCTA spokesman Paul Fadelli

The 2002 version will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Western Show and
the 10th of CableNET.