WGN Dials Comedy’s Reno 911!


Beginning this fall,Comedy Central’s Reno 911! will join Superstation WGN’s lineup.

Tribune Broadcasting’s superstation acquired the first three seasons of the half-hour comedy for a two-year run.Reno 911! features the wacky experiences of seven members of the fictional Reno Sheriff's Department, led by Lt. Jim Dangle.

The hit comedy -- which began running on Comedy in 2003 and is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer -- will begin airing nationally on the superstation in late fringe, where it will run as part of a late-night comedy block that includes successful comedies like Scrubs and Becker, as well as newcomerCorner Gas, Canada's No. 1 sitcom, which will premiere on Superstation WGN this fall.

Nominated for GLAAD Media Award's Outstanding Comedy Series in 2004, only the basic plot elements ofReno 911! are scripted, with the dialog improvised. The show transitioned to the big screen with the theatrical release ofReno 911!: Miami last month, and the forthcoming DVD release of the film is generating additional excitement forReno 911!.

"Our late-fringe comedy block has been very popular among young males, and the addition ofReno 911! will continue to attract young viewers," Superstation WGN general manager Bill Shaw said in a prepared statement.