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Battlestar Galactica

Sci Fi Channel Friday, Oct. 6 (9 p.m.)

If you were waiting on the edge of your seat for the season premiere of Sci Fi Channel’s Battlestar Galactica, be assured that the show’s writers have delivered on what they do best: Keeping viewers guessing.

Last season’s finale offered a tantalizing glimpse of the radically altered new season. Fans have anxiously wondered if season three would be the same action-packed sci-fi show that they loved. In previous seasons, the ragtag fleet of human survivors were “jumping” around the galaxy in an attempt to escape the Cylons. In addition to fast-paced flight scenes with special effects that even George Lucas would approve of, the show also has many plots, subplots and red herrings that keep even the shortest of attention spans engaged. Battlestar was truly exceptional in its ability to satisfy action buffs and explore the human side of war. At the end of the second season, the fleet seemed to have found a safe place to call home in New Caprica, only to be invaded by the Cylons.

Although the new season opens four months after Galactica has strategically left New Caprica, it seems more like 10 years. Dramatically different relationships, facial hair, weight gains, new tattoos, marriages, births, break-ups, deaths and a Gilligan-like moment with a radio make it seem like a bizarro version of the show left behind in the previous season. That said, the deeper exploration of the inner workings of Cylon society, further development of the “skin job” characters and watching one of our least-favorite Cylons being repeatedly killed, bears hope that BSG is just getting off to a slow start and will get better as the season goes on.