Where There’s A Wii, There’s A Triple Play


Comcast Corp. is upping the premium ante to attract new customers, promising aspiring Triple Play customers a Nintendo Wii gaming system for becoming subscribers.

The offer, which lasts until Aug. 17, will give those signing up for Comcast Preferred Plus or Premier Triple Play packages to earn the gaming system. The packages include digital cable with access to on-demand services and premium channels; 6 Mbps high-speed Internet service; and Comcast digital voice service with unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling. The bundles average $115 to $130, depending on the inclusion of features such as online virus protection.

To qualify, a new customer must sign up for two years, according to the operator.

The company notes that game system, paired with Comcast high-speed Internet, will enable subscribers to play games against friends around the country, download games directly to the system from the online Wii shop and redeem Nintendo points for other applications.

“By connecting to our high-speed Internet, it will be easy for our customers to access all the fun content and features their Wii has to offer online,” said Comcast senior vice president of marketing and product development Greg Butz. “The Wii offers something for everyone, so pairing the Comcast Triple Play with the Wii system provides great entertainment value for the entire family.” 

Video competitors have been getting more aggressive with consumer rewards for subscription. As Verizon Communications Inc. initially rolled out its FiOS video services, it promised new customers the reward of a free 19: HDTV. That promotion backfired when the telco fell behind on fulfillment of the offer.