Whisker Wars

Whisker Wars
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Season two of this Thom Beers-executive-produced and narrated docuseries is all about the return of Jack Passion. His rivals, and they are many, have their own stories and lives and fans, but in the world of Whisker Wars they exist mainly as foils to the redhaired former Full Beard Natural world champion.

Episode one finds Passion in the wilderness (of Los Angeles) after a stunning loss in the 2011 world finals in Norway, contemplating his next career move. But the fire still burns, stoked by his own ego and resentment of past slights (and worse) by the Texas clan known as the Austin Facial Hair Club. “When I beat them,” Passion says at an episode-two comeback event, in New York, “I’m going to spit on them.”

Season-one viewers will know that bearding contests don’t always go predictably, though. So there are good reasons for fans of such personalities as Aarne Bielefeldt, the harpsichord-playing mountain man, and Brooklyn’s own Myk O’Connor, who works part-time at an organic food store, to tune back in and enjoy the conflict in this slickly and lovingly produced show.