White House Convening Tech Futures Conference

President Obama will guest edit Wired magazine in conjunction with event
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The White House is announcing today that it will be holding a White House Frontiers Conference Oct. 13 in Pittsburgh to talk about high-tech, and innovation. The President will attend the conference.

To add some buzz around a conference focused on some geeky topics like building "smart, inclusive communities via in investments in "open data and "the Internet of things," as well as AI and machine learning, the White House will also announce that President Obama will be the guest editor of the November issue of Wired magazine.

Given the focus on inclusiveness of tech in communities and insuring "all Americans have access to" and benefit from those innovations, broadband access and municipal broadband buildouts--both of which President Obama has made part of his agenda--could get some face time.

The conference is billed as bringing together "some of the world’s leading innovators" to talk about investing in science and technology.

The White House is soliciting nominees for "a small number of spots" to attend the conference, which is being conducted in association with University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.

The Obama issue of Wired will focus on many of the same topics as the conference and hit tablets Oct. 18 and the newsstands Oct. 25.

Wired has had eight guest editors, including Serena Williams in 2015 and Bill Gates in 2013.