White Paper: Don't Graft Legacy Regs on IP Voice

Concludes Internet Services Undermine Need for Traditional Regs
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Applying legacy interconnection regulations to IP voice traffic is not "needed, practical, nor efficient," according to a white paper from Analysis Mason partner Michael Kende.

The paper concludes that "Internet services themselves are not just undermining the basis for traditional regulation, but also providing guidance for how network interconnection is achieved in the absence of regulation."

AT&T has proposed its own model for guiding that transition. The telco also asked the FCC to select some of its systems as test beds for transitioning from legacy circuit-switched to next generation services, and removing the regs they say encumber that move. Those encumbrances would include extending interconnection to IP, which AT&T has suggested would be grafting outmoded rules onto a next-generation technology. Kende agrees.

The white paper was funded by Verizon, but Kende says the conclusions were his and arrived at independently. Kende is a former director of Internet policy analysis at the FCC.