Who Doesnt Like Real Slim Shady? Plenty


An Orange County businessman created his own version of "Choose or Lose" when it came to the MTV Video Music Awards last week. He chose to counter the anti-woman, anti-gay messages contained the lyrics of profane rapper Eminem with a message of his own. The businessman-Mitchell Goldstone of 30 Minute Photos Etc. in Irvine, Calif.-was repulsed by the sentiments in the Detroit man's songs, but doesn't believe in censorship, he told The Wire. So he bought eight of the 11 local ad avails sold by Cox Cable Orange County. Instead of promoting his business during the highly viewed event, he donated the ad time to pro-social groups, such as the Orange County Human Rights Commission, the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles and gay-rights groups. Once he went public with his plans, "It really got so far out of my hands," he said, while fielding calls from media outlets and advocacy groups. Goldstone even contacted both the George W. Bush and Al Gore presidential-campaign teams, trying to get each to submit a spot advocating positive messages in lyrics. Goldstone said he initiated his effort as a "meaningful expression of disdain" for Eminem's lyrics, which are rife with profanities and threats of violence to women and homosexuals.

.The specter of Eminem's performance also prompted a protest from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, or GLAAD. After it went public with its objections about MTV giving the rapper such a "plum" platform, MTV put out a statement and agreed to air an anti-violence PSA featuring the mother of Matthew Shepard, who was murdered in a vicious hate crime, after Eminem's performance. In its statement, MTV said, "We believe Eminem has a right to express his opinions. That said, on our air, we've applied our strict standards to both his videos and appearances on MTV. His homophobic and misogynist lyrics have never appeared on MTV." Also during the show, MTV previewed a new image campaign that promotes diversity. GLAAD still had picketers outside of Radio City Music Hall, where the show was held.

.If you're looking for Bravo's booth at the East Coast Cable 2000 show, look across the street. For some reason, the network has decided to flee the Baltimore Convention Center for a less traditional venue in, well, a bar. But there will be a placeholder booth in the convention center, where wristbands will be handed out for free stuff at The Wharf Rat on 206 W. Pratt St.

.Patricia Fili-Krushel can now call herself a cover girl. She's on the cover of the latest St. John's University Alumni Magazine, which just came out last week. The graduate is profiled in a three-page feature headlined, "Thriving on Challenge: Change Master Begets Success." In

noting her recent move from ABC Television Network president to CEO of WebMD Health, the story noted that she began her career as an ABC Sports secretary. The mother of two young daughters, Fili-Krushel observed that she's "very clear" on her priorities: "My family comes first, and I'm not shy about saying it," and the same goes for her staff. "When we're all on our deathbed," she added, "we're going to remember the recital, and not the meeting you had on some network issue."

By R. Thomas Umstead, from bureau reports.