Who Moved Gemstar-TV Guide’s ‘Cheez-It?’

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Gemstar-TV Guide International Inc. is embracing cheesy product placements.

The company cut a deal with Kellogg Co. that will make its “Cheez-It” brand the charter advertiser for Gemstar’s TV Guide Spot on-demand channel, which is scheduled to debut during the second quarter.

TV Guide Spot will incorporate the Cheez-It brand into its television-guidance programming by featuring Cheez-It in hosted segments, branded trivia interstitials and a Cheez-It TV-rating system.

TV Guide Spot has carriage deals with Comcast Corp. and Time Warner Cable. The on-demand channel will also be available on tvguide.com (www.tvguide.com), and viewers with stand-alone TiVo Inc. digital-video recorders will be able to receive the content.

The channel will feature segments such as “Catch Up,” which will give viewers updates on popular network series, and “Watch This” recommendations.

TV Guide Spot will also run “mVids” music segments from special appearances on programs such as Good Morning America and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, as well as “Big Movie Guide” highlights from cable on-demand movies.