Will 2012 Be Positive ‘Perfect Storm’ for Local Ads?

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Local TV advertising is poised for a strong
showing next year, with the 2012 election season driving political
ad spending and advanced-advertising solutions on the
rise, according to a panel of cable media sales and advertising
executives at the OnScreen Summit.

“It’s sort of going to be the perfect storm next year,” said David
Kline, president and chief operating officer of Cablevision
Media Sales.

Kline said Cablevision offers full addressability across
its entire New York-area footprint, allowing candidates to
deliver targeted messages to individual households based
on different demographic criteria. He said one major politician
(whom he didn’t identify) used the MSO’s addressable-
ad platform to reach key constituents in a recent

“He won, so we took the credit for it,” Kline joked, adding,
“If you want to target different groups, addressable really does
help optimize your buy.”

Joan Hogan Gillman, president of Time Warner Cable Media,
said political advertisers — more than those in any other
category — want to segment their advertising to unique audiences
and then constantly revise their segmentation.

“What’s different [about the 2012 election season] is the online
advertising component and advanced advertising,” he
said, adding that with respect to targeted ads, “the ones who
figure it out will win.”