Will CableLabs Cache In on Over-the-Top Video?


“Transparent” caching, an approach that can help cable operators manage the amount of strain put on the network by over-the-top, broadband-delivered video, has evidently reached the hallowed halls of CableLabs.

The cable-run R&D house is exploring interoperability specifications for transparent caching systems, according to Alon Maor, CEO and co-founder of Qwilt, a startup in the video-caching sector that counts Mediacom Communications as a customer, and claims to be working with two of the top five U.S. cable operators.

CableLabs did not comment on the status and scope of the project by press time, but the work would likely seek to produce a common interface that would allow operators to deploy transparent caching products from multiple vendors, including Qwilt and PeerApp.

Transparent caching systems, which place popular content from OTT sources such as Netflix and YouTube at the edge of the network, are growing in popularity among broadband Internet-service providers because they reduce transport costs and boost bandwidth efficiency. They could also eliminate the need for ISPs to deploy edge caches from Netflix and Google.