Windows Shine in Time Warner L.A. Promo


Time Warner Communications' Los Angeles region turned the
seasons upside down with a "fall-cleaning" ad campaign centered around the
theme, "We Do Windows."

The operator has brought back the "windows"
campaign each fall for the past several years to help highlight its focus on customer

In a six-week campaign that ended earlier this month, Time
Warner sent three direct-marketing pieces to current subscribers and noncustomers
promoting the system's digital-cable and Road Runner high-speed-data services, which
launched earlier this fall.

"Our phones went a little crazy when we broke the
first direct-mail piece," senior marketing manager Dawn Callahan said. "Digital
cable is ahead of trend for what we projected for year-end."

The top 25 percent of Time Warner's customers in the Los
Angeles region received coupons for a free car wash, while other local customers received
50 percent discounts.

"We offered a coupon for a car wash so they could get
their windows washed," vice president of sales and marketing Rich Cozzi said.

To play up its customer service and play to the promotion,
Time Warner technicians ask customers if they can "polish their window of
entertainment," Cozzi said, by tweaking the picture quality on their televisions, for

Cozzi admitted that the "We Do Windows" campaign
has generated a number of phone calls -- some light and others serious -- from customers
asking Time Warner to wash their windows.

"We usually leave a service call on a lighthearted
note," Cozzi said. "Customers will ask us, 'Will you do my car next?' or 'Do you
vacuum, too?'"

Mark Seigler, creative director for Irvine, Calif.-based ad
agency SCDRG Inc., developed the campaign for Time Warner. The windows theme was carried
across as often as possible, highlighting squeaky clean picture quality and convenient
service windows, for example.

One piece also promoted a "Windows to Paradise"
contest, offering new and upgraded subscribers the chance to win a trip to Tahiti. The
contest ran through last Monday. Callahan said Time Warner plans to draw the winner's name
next month.

Cozzi said the word "Windows" also calls to mind
computers for many people. With the Road Runner service now available, he added, "We
like that association."