Wings Links with Microsoft


Discovery Wings Channel and Microsoft Corp.'s PC videogame Flight Simulator
2004: A Century of Flight announced Tuesday that they have signed a strategic
marketing alliance tied into the network's Centennial of Flight.

That yearlong programming celebration of the Wright Brothers' first flight
will conclude Dec. 17.

Discovery Wings senior vice president and general manager David Karp said
that, under terms of the agreement, his network will produce a one-hour
documentary, Flight Simulator, which will air in July; that special will
demonstrate how simulated computer flight is used today in military and
commercial aviation training and the like.

That program's showing will coincide with Microsoft's release of its 2004
Flight Simulator software.

As another component in this alliance, Karp said that Discovery Wings will
get exposure within the videogame, in the form of links and videos, as well as
sneak-preview content for promotional and marketing purposes.

Microsoft's new simulator will also be featured in several episodes of the
network's recently begun Learning to Fly series.

Nearly a year ago Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2002 was part of a TV Guide
Channel pay-per-view promotion campaign.

To bolster PPV orders of 20th Century Fox's movie Behind Enemy Lines,
starring Gene Hackman, that network offered the PC videogame (a $54.95 retail
value) as a free gift to those ordering the movie.