Welcome to the 30th Anniversary edition of Multichannel News, the first of three special editions this year commemorating three decades of our coverage of your cable-TV industry.

In this special issue, we’ll highlight the most innovative people, products and moments that have come together to give the U.S. one of the most sophisticated wired networks in the world.

Looking through our first year of coverage, it struck me how much has changed and yet how much has remained the same: In the inaugural issue of Sept. 15, 1980, a headline on page 23 noted, “NCTA Studies Computer Nets” about a new subcommittee the industry formed to study “the special problems of computer networks.”

Another story, under the headline “Second Qube System Takes Bow in Cinci Subs,” detailed the first foray into interactive TV. (One ad for ESPN was particularly funny: “Sign up TV’s Rookie Sensation. ESPN - cable TV’s allsports network - has grown to 4.7 million homes in just its first year!”)

I became enamored of the cable TV industry in the early 1990s, covering the business side as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Few industries are as complex (technology, regulation, programming, etc.) and none are so embedded in popular culture. Multichannel News has matured as the industry has matured, from the days of “I Want My MTV” to TV Everywhere.

One early motto for the magazine was “No hype, just facts,” which could just as easily describe our mission today, and yet it’s so much more. We strive every minute, online and in print, to ensure that not only are the stories fair and accurate, but that they are relevant. We constantly work to provide the quality of reporting and analysis that you have come to expect from us.

Finally, this celebration really isn’t about us as much as it is about you. Without loyal readers who have come to trust our voice and rely on our coverage of the industry, we couldn’t be as successful as we are today. It’s because of you that we not only exist, but thrive. Today, Multichannel News is proud to be the only magazine in America devoted exclusively to news that affects the U.S. cable-TV industry.

Thanks again for reading us. We invite you to share your memories from the last 30 years with us. Drop us a line at mcnletters@nbmedia.com.