Wisdom Proffers Peace

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Wisdom Television will air four-part original series Power of Peace,
hosted by Harry Belafonte and Uma Thurman, throughout this month and December,
officials said.

The series, which kicks off Nov. 18, is being televised as part of Wisdom's
post-Sept. 11 initiative, in which the network is being offered free-of-charge
to cable operators and satellite providers until Dec. 31.

Belafonte hosts the first three installments of Power of Peace, while
Thurman is involved with the fourth one.

'Wisdom Television is proud to air Power of Peace because it is an
important and timely program that embraces profound ideas of hope and peace,'
Wisdom Media Group president Cynthia Sheets said in a prepared statement. 'It is
important that people know that this kind of programming exists and is available
to them.'

Power of Peace: Global Peace features Israeli and Palestinian teens
confronting each other and trying to forge a connection at a retreat in

Power of Peace: Family Peace addresses the difficulty that contemporary
families face raising kids in an environment where violence is prevalent.

Power of Peace: Personal Peace attempts to show how people can change the
world through personal peace.

And Power of Peace: Peace in Our Schools focuses on maintaining peace
in schools.