Women’s Soccer League Folds


The cable-centric Women's United Soccer Association suspended operations
Monday after three years due to lack of revenues.

The decision was made by the league's board of governors at a meeting Monday
in New York, as a result of insufficient revenue to support a fourth year of
play, according to league officials.

"A shortfall in sponsorship revenue and insufficient revenue from other core
areas of the business proved to be the hurdles the WUSA could not overcome in
time for planning the 2004 season," said John Hendricks, chairman of the WUSA
board of governors, in a prepared statement.

Structured as a single limited-liability company, club operators not only own
their individual teams, but hold financial stakes in the league.

Most of the investors include cable MSOs and executives, including Time
Warner Cable, Cox Communications Inc., Cox Enterprises Inc., Comcast Corp.,
Hendricks Soccer LLC and Amos Hostetter's Pilot House Soccer LLC.

The decision to shut down the league comes five days before the women’s World
Cup competition.

In explaining the timing, the league’s board of directors said it was anxious
to avoid the potential disruption caused by continued uncertainty during
upcoming World Cup play.