Woodstock Uncensored Set For Oct


The pay-per-view industry is not done with Woodstock
'99. Nearly one month after the three-day music concert, Metropolitan Entertainment
Group will distribute a three-hour, unedited version of the controversial event in

Woodstock '99: Uncensored will feature
never-before-seen footage from the concert, including band performances and a look at
events that happened before and after the festival, the company said.

The show will offer footage of the infamous post-concert
riot, but it's unclear exactly how much of the uprising the cameras actually

The show is expected to feature more scenes from the crowd,
containing much more nudity than the actual PPV event did. As a result, the show will
receive a "TV-M" rating, signifying material for mature audiences.

"The show will be uncensored and unedited, and it will
provide new looks at the events that happened before, during and after Woodstock
'99," PK Network president Pat Kehoe said. PK handled the PPV concert's
public relations and marketing.

Viewer's Choice, DirecTV Inc., TVN Entertainment Corp.
and EchoStar Communications Corp.'s Dish Network will distribute the special, which
will retail at a suggested price of $9.95.

While it's still too early for final numbers,
Woodstock '99 is tracking at around a 0.35 percent to 0.5 percent buy-rate.

Also undetermined is the event's PPV revenue.
It's unclear how many of the concert's buys were $29.95 single-day purchases and
how many were $59.95 package buys.