World Fishing Network Catches Non-Traditional Series Pair


World Fishing Network HD is casting its programming line into non-traditional fishing show waters with Charlie Moore TV and Hookin' Up.

Looking to continue to broaden its audience, WFN, which recently added Gillz N Fillz to its lineup, will add the series pair during the fourth quarter.

A fixture on regional sports network NESN with his Charlie Moore Outdoors series that brings celebrity guests in contact with off-beat characters such as “The Codfather,” as well as on ESPN2 challenge show Beat Charlie Moore, the Boston-based angler/comedian goes primetime on WFN Oct. 24 at 8 p.m.

Charlie Moore TV features the host scouting out new fishing locations. His monologues are interspersed with interviews of his crew and wife Angela as they try to keep pace with “The Mad Fisherman.” The show works largely without a net: Episodes will unfold with a minimal storyline and script. In the first episode, Moore fishes in the lake outside his parents' Florida retirement community. Six of the 12 installments, from Extreme Entertainment, have already been completed.

WFN, which is available to some 20 million homes through deals with FiOS, Dish Network and other providers, will give Mariko Izumi, host to the network's “5-Cast” segments, her own show. On Hookin' Up, Izumi will travel the globe in search of places to fish and have fun, whether cooking with a world famous chef, hanging with top anglers or partying at a hot spot.

Slated to bow in late fall, the first installment will find Izumi at the salmon derby in Waukegan, Ill. The second will bring her to the cool fishing spots and nightclubs in Tampa, Fla. All told, WFN will run 13 installments.

“Mariko and Charlie are the ideal personalities to help us achieve a broader audience,” said WFN HD president Mark Rubinstein. “While serious fishermen will appreciate Charlie's skill with rod and reel, other viewers may enjoy the opportunity to simply sit back, appreciate the stunning scenery, and have a good laugh.

“Similarly, Mariko is every guy's fishing fantasy: She's smart, sexy, and loves to be out on the water,” he continued. “But importantly as the daughter of champion anglers Wayne Izumi and niece of Bob Izumi, Mariko has the credibility to be there.”