WOW Gains Voice with Gemini


Upstart competitive cabler WideOpenWest LLC has announced plans to begin
full-market rollout of voice-over-Internet-protocol telephony using Gemini Voice
Solutions Inc.'s 'Gemini Broadband Voice' service in the Denver metro area.

Having completed a market trial this spring in the Denver suburb of Lakewood,
the Castle Rock, Colo.-based cable operator is planning a full launch of
broadband long-distance telephone service bundled with broadband Internet and
digital cable.

Dubbed 'WideOpenTelephone,' the flat-rate services charges $35 monthly for
1,000 minutes of intrastate and state-to-state calling. Customers will still use
the local regional Bell operating company for local service.

By the end of the year, WOW hopes to add an international calling plan, as
well, according to a spokesman.

While the focus for now is on Denver, WOW plans telephony trials in Detroit,
Chicago and Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio, using the Americast cable systems it
is in the process of buying from SBC Communications Inc.

The franchise transfers have been completed in those communities, and the
sale is expected to close in the fourth quarter.

Meanwhile, the network buildout in the Denver metro area is continuing. WOW
has franchise agreements in 13 suburban cities there.