WTHI Terre Haute Grabs Fox For Digital Channel

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Fox and LIN have signed an affiliation agreement to air Fox on WTHI's digital channel in Terre Haute (Ind.).

Fox sought a new partner in DMA No. 152 when it announced a split with longtime affiliate WFXW earlier in 2011.

WTHI is a CBS affiliate, and a giant in Terre Haute, claiming nearly 60% of the market's TV revenue last year, according to BIA/Kelsey.

In June, Nexstar, which manages Mission-owned WFXW, announced the station would become ABC affiliate WAWV; Terre Haute had not had an ABC affiliate since 1995. Nexstar and Fox have engaged in affiliation battles all summer, with several Nexstar stations splitting with the Fox family.

MyFox10, as WTHI's digital channel will be known, launches September 1.

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