WWE, Blue Ridge Pin SVOD Sales

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World Wrestling Entertainment tag-teamed with Blue Ridge Cable to pin viewers for its signature Staff event and the grappling group's subscription video on demand service.

“Take a Month Off with WWE 24/7 and WrestleMania 21” was designed to use the grappling group's biggest annual pay-per-view event to help drive subscriptions for the 24/7 service, which had just launched with the MSO.

Bolstered by a consumer offer and a customer-service representative incentive plan, the campaign exceeded goals for both parties. The success also merited a second-place award in the subscription category of the 2005 CTAM On Demand Case Study Competition.

The effort was headed by WWE director of affiliate marketing Jill Andrews.

The consumer offer targeted core and even casual fans planning to order WrestleMania 21 by extending to them a free trial of WWE 24/7. Any Blue Ridge customer ordering both from March 25 through April 3 received their first month of the SVOD service gratis.

Some 900 co-branded 30-second spots highlighted the diverse media campaign.

As for Blue Ridge's CSRs, they were trained and armed with acquisition tools in the form of one-sheet writeups and computer “sticky strips.” Their incentives included a chance to win 10 $50 gift checks if they encouraged the right Mystery Caller to order both products.

The campaign produced nicely: Blue Ridge Cable saw a 10% jump in WWE 24/7 subs, which had been relatively flat for a few week. That more than trebled the MSO's 3% goal and double's WWE's stretch target of 5%.

In addition, the caller goal was easily surpassed: 12 calls netted 10 winners.