WWE To Debut Bimonthly Magazine


World Wrestling Entertainment will launch a new bimonthly magazine aimed at children 6 to 14.

The grappling group, which is preparing for its big event, Wrestlemania 24 in Orlando on March 30, will debut consumer title WWE Kids April 15. The rollout of the May/June issue will be supported by a cross-platform media blitz, including a 100,000-unit pallet promotion at the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart Stores.

“With content ranging from fitness and nutrition to geography to esteem building, WWE Kids will appeal to children, their parents, and their teachers,” said vice president, editorial director Tony Romando in a statement. “Young fans will get to know their favorite superstars through activity-based art projects, fun games, interviews and trivia”,

With WWE fare reaching some 2.6 million watchers in the aforementioned demo weekly through its series on USA Network, Sci Fi Channel and The CW, executives believe the magazine will be received widely.

“The WWE brand appeals to millions of fans worldwide. WWE Kids is a logical brand extension that is specifically designed for our younger audience,” saidBob Lee, vice president, publishing director, in a statement.