WWE To Tap Out One PPV Event In 2010


Adjusting to the still struggling economy and maturation of the pay-per-view event business, World Wrestling Entertainment will eliminate one of its 14 annual pay-per-view events and will pin a $5 price increase on its remaining monthly PPV shows, according to WWE officials.

The WWE, which has been a staple of the PPV event category since the late 1980s, will eliminate one of its $39.95 PPV events in 2010 -- most likely its June entry -- and increase the cost of its remaining shows to $44.95, said a WWE spokesperson.

The wrestling outfit's signature PPV event, Wrestlemania, will keep its current price point at $54.95.

The spokesperson said the PPV changes will allow the company to focus on making its PPV product more appealing and attractive to consumers in a competitive PPV event environment amid a sluggish economy.

The WWE will also look to change the name of several of its PPV shows to create more themed events such as next month's WWE TLC: Table, Ladders and Chairs show.

The brands for the network's four major PPV events -- Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and SummerSlam -- will remain intact.

The company hinted at such changes this past summer as it looked to find ways to boost PPV buys.

"We're looking at building long term growth and focusing on providing value to our customers," said the spokesperson.