WWXX Owner Says 'Redskins' License Challenge Is Meritless

A Crass Attempt Extorting Broadcasters To Use Name

Red Zebra Broadcasting, the licensee of Dan Snyder's WWXX-FM sports radio station in Washington has told the FCC that the petitions to deny the license over its use of the name Redskins are meritless and a crass attempt to misuse the system to extort broadcasters into dropping the name. Snyder owns both the station and the team, and has resisted pressure from Native American groups and Washington politicians, primarily Democrats, to change the name.

"The Objections amount to nothing more than a frivolous attempt to goad the Commission into banning the team name of Washington, D.C.'s NFL franchise from the nation's airwaves," Red Zebra Broadcasting said in a filing at the FCC.

The company concedes the public debate over the name, but says the FCC is not the appropriate arbiter.

"Any debate about the Washington Redskins' name and its meaning should be had in the free marketplace of ideas, not in the halls of the FCC or any other governmental agency," Red Zebra said of the filing.

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