Yahoo, AT&T Put Ads On Target

Say TV Campaign Helped Yahoo Reach 20% More Of Its Target Audience
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AT&T AdWorks and Yahoo said a targeted TV ad campaign that tapped into the AT&T AdWorks TV Blueprint platform helped Yahoo reach 20% more of its desired audience.

Yahoo’s aim was to engage adults 18-34 who own high-tech consumer electronics and used a media plan based on TV Blueprint to reach them. The TV Blueprint media plan analyzed anonymous and aggregate U-verse set-top data to identify the 30 highest indexing networks, days and day-parts.

The result of the campaign, they said, delivered a 17% more efficient target  CPM and reached a higher concentration of Yahoo’s target audience. Using AT&T AdWorks’ extended distribution to reach more than 55 million households helped the TV media plan reach the target audience 2.6 times per week, and increased target impressions by 20%, they said.

“Advertisers are always looking for more efficient ways of reaching their target audience,” said Mike Welch, president, AT&T AdWorks, in a statement. “TV Blueprint is transforming the way brands reach and engage TV viewers. Yahoo’s campaign is one example of how our technology can help reach higher concentrations of a target audience.”

“Yahoo continues to bring inspiring and entertaining content to our users through our unique video programs and coverage of live music and events on Yahoo Screen. Collaborating with AT&T AdWorks helped us reach the right TV viewers during our campaign earlier this year to drive greater awareness of our efforts with one of our top audiences,” added  Laith Murad, Yahoo’s vice president, acquisition and retention.