Yahoo! Launches Games on Demand


Yahoo! Inc. ( is
backing up its push into broadband with the launch of a multitiered
games-on-demand service, which offers 40 titles from Activision Inc., Eidos
Interactive Ltd., Infogrames Entertainment S.A. and Take 2 Interactive.

Games include 'Civilization III,' 'Deus Ex,' '4X4EVO,' 'Star Trek Armada II'
and 'Serious Sam.'

Gamers can rent one game for three days for $4.95; three games for 30 days
for $9.95; five games for 30 days for $12.95; or 10 games for 30 days for

'Yahoo! Games on Demand' is available through the new 'SBC Yahoo! DSL'
service, which launched last week, in addition to any broadband connection,
including cable modems.

Yahoo! executives said its online portal hosted more than 4 billion minutes
of online game play and 8 million users during August.