Yankee: 41M HDTV Homes by 2007


The Yankee Group predicted that 41.6 million homes will have
high-definition-TV programming by 2007, according to a new report that also said
the 720p (progressive) and 1080i (interlaced) formats will coexist for the
foreseeable future.

Yankee predicted that HD will be a competitive differentiator, even for
programming that may have limited visual appeal. It also predicted that
programmers without HD product will lose out to competitors because high-value
viewers will shift to HDTV.

In other news, Zentropy Partners signed a deal with Cox
Communications Inc. to redesign the MSO's Web site (www.cox.com
), the online portal Cox uses to
communicate with current and future customers.

Zentropy said it plans to develop a global navigation system within the Web
site that will be consistent for all Cox local systems.

And Broadband Innovations Inc. -- which supplies radio-frequency modules and
components to Motorola Inc., Scientific-Atlanta Inc. and Harmonic Inc., among
others -- said it raised $8 million in financing.