YES, Comcast Rates Will Go Up


Comcast Corp. will pass the $2-per-subscriber cost of Yankee Entertainment
& Sports Network on to consumers.

The MSO said subscriber fees will go up as much as $3 per month to foot the
bill for 130 New York Yankees Major League Baseball games.

New York-area subscribers will pay a 99-cent increase due to Comcast's March
8 carriage deal with YES. But for 360,000 of those subscribers in Comcast's
Union, Meadowlands and Trenton, N.J., systems, an additional $2 annual price
increase will accompany the 99-cent YES fee.

Time Warner Cable's New York City system raised rates 7 percent in February,
but not because of YES, spokeswoman Harriett Novet said.

Meanwhile, Cablevision Systems Corp. and YES continue to play a game of
chicken to see who'll blink first in their license-fee dispute.

Cablevision wants to carry YES on a premium tier, while YES CEO Leo J.
Hindery Jr. continues to push for basic carriage for the network, which is
expected to carry New Jersey Nets National Basketball Association games this