Yoostar Gets First TV Clips


Yoostar has signed a long-term deal for clips to Sesame Street for use on its home editing system, the first TV show clips to be feature on the device, which was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

The company will get access to 160 "classic" clips from the show featuring Oscar, Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird, among other characters.

The home system-Web cam, green screen and software-allows anyone to insert themselves into the clips and "share their performances online with family, friends and the world" via www.yoostar.com.

So does that raise the possibility of bicycling in appropriate versions of those clips around the world as well? No says both Sesame Street and Yoostar. Sesame Street has assurances that the clips can only appear on a home computer and the Yoostar Web site.

"Any original scene (as filmed), will be encrypted prior to delivering to the consumers," said Kevin Clement, vice president of technology for Yoostar. "This will ensure that original scenes, once purchased, cannot be shared. Our encryption will lock the content to the specific consumer's computer and our desktop application, so the risk of outside content being edited in is mitigated by our proprietary technology. In summary, our application and technology will only work with files that have been created by, or specifically for the Yoostar Entertainment system."

Yoostar also currently has deals for movie clips from a number of studios including Paramount Pictures Corporation, Universal Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Lions Gate Films, Inc., Warner Brothers and the NBA.

All performances generated using G-rated content will be viewed by Yoostar personnel prior to being posted on Yoostar.com." Clement added. "All G-rated performances will be checked for nudity and foul language before being allowed to post."