YouTube CEO Apologizes for Bad Ad Placements

Amid rollout of celebs-filled new content, Wojcicki vows 'we will do better'
Kevin Hart Youtube.jpg

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki apologized to advertisers who have found their commercials running near objectionable content.

A number of major advertisers have pulled the ad dollars from the Google unit until they can get better control of ad placement, making a safe environment a priority for marketers and ad buyers.

“You told us to do better when it comes to ad placements,” Wojcicki said during YouTube’s Brandcast presentation during the NewFronts in New York Thursday. “We have taken your feedback to heart… apologies for letting you down.

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Wojcicki said, “We can and we will do better.”

She said YouTube had teams working “around the clock to make important changes to make sure your ads wind up in the right place.”

Wojcicki also announced that YouTube would be launching more than 40 original series created by popular YouTube creators that can be sponsored by advertisers.

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YouTube also announced (details in YouTube's Brandcast blog post) that it is working with comedian Kevin Hart and Lionsgate Television to create a series for Hart’s Laugh Out Loud channel on YouTube.

The show—Kevin Hart: What the Fit?—will feature Hart and his celebrity fans attempting to master the latest workout trends.

Another original show calledBest Cover Ever, created by Ryan Seacrest, is already exclusively sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. Singer Katy Perry will be a part of the show, and will be live streaming exclusively on YouTube.

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