YouTube To Interview Genachowski Following March 16 Unveiling Of National Broadband Plan


YouTube will interview Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski immediately following the agency's unveiling of the national broadband plan at its March 16 public meeting.

The FCC touted the appearance Wednesday, calling it a chance to make "one of the most open and participatory processes in the history of the FCC" even more so.

Genachowski joins his old friend and classmate President Obama, who did an interview with YouTube following his State of the Union speech.

"Now it's your turn to ask FCC chairman Julius Genachowski questions about his plan for the future of the broadband in America," the FCC said in announcing the interview. "No topic is off-limits: from civic engagement to economic opportunity, education to health care - we want to know what Americans have in mind for Internet innovation in the 21st century."

The interviewer: Steve Grove, head of news and politics for YouTube, who also conducted the Obama interview.