Zombie To Host AMC’s Horror Movie Marathon

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AMC will change the brand and add a host to its annual October horror movie marathon.

Formerly dubbed Monsterfest, AMC will revamp its eight-day, Halloween-themed movie celebration under the brand “AMC Fearfest,” according to network executives. Filmmaker/musician Rob Zombie will host the Oct. 24-Oct. 31 filmfest, which will feature contemporary and classic horror films such as Bride of Frankenstein, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween.

Zombie will introduce and provide commentary for several other AMC move debuts, including House on Haunted Hill, Jeepers Creepers; the 2003 remake of Willard; and Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.

Zombie, whose movie credits include a remake of the 70’s horror classic Halloween as well as cult classic House of 1000 Corpses, will also appear on the network’s Web site, providing an exclusive interview as well as his Top 10 list of his all-time favorite horror and zombie movies. Zombie will also serve as the judge of AMCTV.com’s horror movie contest, “Your Greatest Fear,” for which fans will submit short films about what truly scares them.

Overall, the eight-day marathon will feature more than 175 hours of horror flicks, including AMC premieres Constantine, starring Keanu Reeves, and The Return to The House on Haunted Hill.