Andy Singer, GM at DIY


What are you working on at DIY right now that’s coming up and you’re excited about?

We had a big year in 2010. Going from 2010 to 2011, we have a few shows that we are really excited about. We’re really the only ones who own landscaping. There’s nobody that’s doing what we do 24/7 .... especially in the landscaping and outdoor living space. We have a ton of our returning favorites. We're excited about MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACTOR, about a guy who renovates million dollar apartments and homes. It’s a mix of renovation -- both indoor and outdoor -- sort of a doc-reality. We have everything lined up very early on, we may shift and go in another direction, but for the most part we are all about home improvement. That’s what we do. We try to experiment with the different things, but we know who we are and where we need to be from a production stand point.

What is your philosophy on new producers, and how that pitching process works? What do you look for in a pitch?

We all take pitches. We talk to all kinds of producers from large companies to small to mid-sized companies; some companies with representation and some companies without representation. Typically we’ll see either a treatment or something online ... these days it's very common to see tapes. We’re also always looking for new talent. Sometimes we see a fully born concept in sizzle reel or a demo or we’ll see the talent without a real concept attached. We see it both ways and if we believe in something we really spend a lot of time developing with the producers.

What is your take on how the current economic situation has altered DIY's programming sensibility?

We focus on homeowners with projects. Its relevant no matter what the economy is. A lot of our programming focuses on people who are very budget conscious. People turn to us for great ideas and information. We really haven’t altered our course and we haven’t really changed our development because of the economy, nor do I feel like we have been impacted by it from a viewership standpoint.

Do you have any advice for new producers who want to get a show on DIY?

Watch the network. Take a look of the shows that are on to get a sense of what different formats are, and what different types of shows we have. I think the biggest mistakes new producers make is to pitch us something that has nothing to do with the network. A pitch about weddings is nothing we will ever be interested in. I encourage producers to think outside the box as well. We always look for new talent, people with a certain amount of expertise and also people who have great personalities.


Andy Singer is the senior vice president/general manager of DIY Network and is responsible for supervising all areas of the brand and working closely with sister property, HGTV, to bring about greater cooperation and collaboration between the two networks.

The personalities Singer has added to DIY Network’s lineup of expert talent helps the network garner an impressive amount of national media attention from broadcast and cable networks including NBC, CBS, ABC, plus national print media like Entertainment Weekly, Good Housekeeping, Popular Mechanics and more. During his tenure, DIY Network has surpassed 50-million households.

Prior to joining DIY Network, Singer worked as vice president of original programming for HGTV and contributed to some of the network’s highest ratings. At HGTV he supervised hit series and specials, including My First Place, House Hunters and Dream House: After Katrina, plus high-profile projects such as Living with Ed, a docu-soap following the extreme green lifestyle of Emmy-nominated actor Ed Begley Jr.

Before joining Scripps Networks in 2005, Singer was a show producer at VH1 where he oversaw some of the network's most successful pop culture programming. His professional television background – which started at the age of 16 – also includes eight years as a producer, with his work appearing on A&E, Twentieth Century Fox, Fox News Channel, MSNBC and nationally syndicated broadcast series Extra and Inside Edition. He’s received accolades throughout his career, including Cine Golden/Silver Eagle, New York Festival and EMA awards.

Singer is a University of Florida graduate and resides with his wife and two children in Knoxville, Tenn.