EXCLUSIVE: DSC Network Producer Presentation - NYC - Jan 18, 2012

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Discovery Channel / view profile / read latest Discovery analysis

Program Evaluation Points

• Rating potential
• Revenue potential
• Brand fit
• Budget. Avg
• Big swings
• Press friendly, attention grabbing
• Relatable
• Competitive
• “Producibility” (ideally tape)
• Repeatability
• Season-to-season growth

For Discovery, brand-driven content supersedes ratings. Discovery programs must possess the unique feel and tone that defines the network.

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TLC / view profile / read latest TLC analysis

TLC’s primary audience is multifaceted moms (core age 35), power parents (core age 38), and early nester singles and couples (core age 29). While female audience is strong, TLC is actively trying to woo more men to the channel.

The network seeks to deliver “open-hearted voyeurism.” TLC is all about positive stories and characters that viewers can root for and fall in love with. Programmers are looking for the golden area where the remarkable meets the relatable via honest, authentic drama. Programs should have revealing, entertaining characters with a distinctive visual impact.

TLC is not interested in semi-scripted reality programs that are mean-spirited or judgmental. TLC programs should be respectful and understanding windows to the world.

Programs were life stages occur dramatically out of order (such as Teen Mom) are particularly desired. Authentic stories that feature ensemble casts and a natural tone are also prized.

Specific Topics of Interest
• Hidden worlds
• Subcultures
• Families with a twist
• Life to the Extreme
• Brides and weddings
• Workplace and family business docusoaps
• Format companions to What Not To Wear and Undercover Boss
• Subjects that are naughty without being mean

"It’s all about the cost."
"We don't do celebrities.” (But they must be wiling to be themselves.)
"We just want families."
"No one-offs."
"No controversy."
"Stick to people who look the same."
"Not open to other genres.”
"We don't greenlight pilots."

Shows They Wish They Had
Teen Mom, Mob Wives, Beyond Scared Straight, Braxton’s Family Values, Kitchen Nightmares.

Who Do I Pitch To?
East Coast: Marissa Levy, Director of Development
West Coast: Mariana Flynn, Development Vice President
Kristin Pace, Senior Director
Matt Simms, Director Of Development

Discovery Fit & Health / view profile

Discovery Fit & Health’s programming strives to capture the power and emotion of those split second moments that change our lives. Those moments when the world seems to stand still as a car crashes or a child is born. It’s about the raw moments that define and transform us. Above all, Fit & Health is committed to stories and characters that ring true.

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What Works
Specifically, Fit & Health is looking for compelling medical dramas with a keen edge. Fluffy, by-the-numbers series are far off the mark. Topics like pregnancy should be intense and profound. Programs dealing with emergency rooms (Bizarre ER) or medical mysteries (DR. G, Mystery Diagnosis) need to have a fresh vision full of attitude. Overwhelming physical transformations that shock, disturb, or inspire viewers are welcome.

Where To Grow
Fit and Health is at the cornerstone of family and medical issues. The area where these two topics intersect has limitless potential. Teen pregnancy (and the storylines that flow from such a heated topic) is one example of this potent combination. Mental and sexual health are also rife with possibilities.