FX Strategic Opportunities - October 2008



FX is all about movies and edgy original drama series with star power such as RESCUE ME, NIP/TUCK and THE SHIELD, and now SONS OF ANARCHY.  Quirky comedies such as IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA are also an FX trademark. FX has succeeded at being the "HBO of ad-supported cable."  They push the boundaries of all popular TV genres.


With all the star-powered original series on the slate, this is a tough nut to crack. The net's deep bench and ratings success with superhero movies makes that seems like a natural theme for a new program.


Always looking to feed their strong movie appetite. 


FX does not accept unsolicited submissions.  Your best bet is to get yourself a lawyer or agent.


FX is using offbeat comedy IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA to launch low-budget comedic companions. First up is TESTEES from writer Kenny Hotz.

After three years of going without a network tagline, FX has introduced its new campaign: There is no box. In addition, the searchlights have been dropped from the logo. Rather than promoting individual series, the net is marketing itself. The goal is to let viewers know that FX is not just repeats, but the home of shows like THE SHIELD and NIP/TUCK, which "obliterate the cliches of standard genres." The slogan also opens the door to extending the brand to the Internet.

Network President John Landgraf has hinted that the network might be looking away from complex serialized shows in an effort to program against DVR usage, saying in the LA Times that the growing number of viewers using DVRs to watch programming has put pressure on the network's business model. Complex serialized shows also tend to fare poorly in the syndication market.

FX has formed FX Productions with hopes of getting more control, ownership and distribution profits from its programming. FX exec Eric Schrier runs the unit.

If you go to FX with a series idea, it better be very dramatic...have great characters...and at least make you blush.


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