G4 Strategic Opportunities - July 2008



G4 is looking to lure elusive young male viewers by offering interactive programming that is designed to engage. "It's not user-generated content, but letting viewers influence the content so we retain some control, and it's more enjoyable than when viewers are 100% in control," (Neal Tiles/Hollywood Reporter).  G4 is focusing its efforts on its linear programming, looking to keep the interest of young-male viewers with highly interactive shows.

G4 is looking more and more to outside producers and is planning to "step up to be in the price range of other networks" it competes against, like Spike TV and Comedy Central.

G4 represents the word on games, technology, animation, interactivity, the Internet and broadband.  However they are looking to evolve more into a lifestyle channel, peppered with the videogame culture. 


Scaled-back focus on technology.  Heavier emphasis will be on attitude, humor and a broader range of male-oriented topics.


G4 has beefed up its programming of syndicated series of late, with the acquisitions of STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION and off-net rights to THE MAN SHOW, THE JAMIE KENNEDY EXPERIMENT and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.


Story ideas can be sent via e-mail.  E-mail is:  stories@g4media.com.  It is not necessary to submit a pilot/presentation tape. 


"Guys seem to have an innate fascination with watching demolition," said Neal Tiles, president of G4, in a statement. "Add to this the science behind it and the idea of two brothers doing all the demolition physically, and we think Human Wrecking Balls is an excellent addition to our programming lineup."

Championship Gaming Series has inked an exclusive pact with Comcast's G4 Media that puts the vidgame competish on cable in the U.S. for the first time.  G4 will begin airing 90-minute episodes starting July 16. Covered events will include the CGS 2008 North America Finals and the CGS 2008 World Finals.

G4 has partnered with Microsoft to offer a selection of series on Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system. This is the first time G4's content will be made available for download on a gaming console. Available for download immediately are CODE MONKEYS, THE BLOCK, ATTACK OF THE SHOW.

G4 is proving to everyone that they are in game for acquiring more into off-net acquisitions in primetime, as they continue to stay strong in this area.  G4 continues to focus its efforts on its linear programming, looking to keep the interest of young-male viewers with highly interactive shows.

G4 network has recently been trying to populate its schedule and broaden beyond its video game base with such acquisitions as ABC's "Lost" and NBC's "Heroes."

Whether it's a movie, a TV show or a videogame, it's all entertainment, and that's G4 approaches the development and presentation of content for its demo.  The gaming genre is the bedrock on which the Comcast-owned network is built.

Making its commitment to the gaming community and their loyal viewers, G4's programming this month paid off.  The CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW and the ADULT ENTERTAINMENT EXPO gave their viewers a first look at advancements in technology and quirky new products.  Again, they justified who they are and who their programming appeals to.  They certainly know their target audience.

G4 understands video games and the male viewer.  With its recent acquisition of high-profile programming like HEROES and LOST, in addition to gaming competitions like MLG Pro Circuit, the gaming competitions are a natural extension of G4's leading games coverage.  Indeed G4 is becoming the leading broadcast source for everything related to digital entertainment.  And if this month is any indicator, off-net acquisitions like HEROES won't be the last one they purchase.


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