HGTV Strategic Opportunities - April 2009



HGTV stays current by covering the aspects of home design and commerce that are most attractive to today's homeowners. While today's HGTV viewer wants to be on top of the latest design trends, she/he is also mindful of the home's market value. This is exemplified by the popularity of HOUSE HUNTERS and sibling series HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL. Selling one's home, owning more than one home, etc. are very real concerns for the average HGTV viewer. Saving money is another point of focus for this mainly 18-49 demographic, from doing it yourself to copying designs with less expensive products to selling your home for a profit. Successful property-related shows on HGTV feature the stories of real people finding real success (and failure) when buying, selling and improving the value of their homes.

Aspirational programs and elements are being seen more and more on HGTV. Programs like MOST EXTREME HOMES show how people live out their fantasies in the spaces where they live. Aspirationalism is also behind the concept of creating designs based on those of design professionals. The ongoing success of HOUSE HUNTERS says a lot about what kind of take-away info HGTV's viewers are looking for the most: information that helps them buy and/or sell a home!

Home topics to be covered by programs on HGTV include both inside (from moving around furniture to sewing new curtains) and out (from gardening and landscaping to building a new driveway or deck.)

The importance of web-friendly content cannot be stressed enough, and HGTV is actively seeking content exclusively for the web as it continues to launch original web-only channels such as


All programs on HGTV are original concepts. Talent is key and should be attached to any project taken to the network for consideration. Even if the network does not buy into the concept, they may like the talent and tweak the concept around him/her, or tie the talent to a different project altogether.


HGTV does not acquire finished programs.


HGTV will accept written submissions with or without a pilot or presentation tape, however since talent is so important to every program, a tape is suggested. Contact HGTV's development department for a submission contact person.

Click here for HGTV's Submission Release Form.


HGTV is now available in HD! When pitching your projects to HGTV, make sure you can deliver in HD format.

Programming's focus on real estate has shifted to the details that affect home value: kitchens and bathrooms, color choices. Also, while the real estate reality genre is being exploited on competitor nets TLC and Bravo, HGTV brings in the largest audiences for these programs.  It's very important to note is HGTV's focus on personal stories rather than just the numbers.

The network prefers to think of itself as lifestyle and reality oriented, leaving traditional how-to programming for sister net DIY. Web-exclusive content is a priority - not only footage that was not seen on-air, but overall content ideas that transition easily from TV to the Internet and take advantage of each platform.


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