Lifetime Analysis - November 2009



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SCHEDULING STRATEGIES: Lifetime's programming strategy is now all about women having choices. Once the cable channel best known for its women in peril flicks, Lifetime has taken the dive into edgy comedies and upcoming tele-novela style melodramas. They look for reality competition shows, game shows, scripted dramas geared to 25-54 demo.

PROJECT RUNWAY was a key asset for Lifetime. A network known for movies since the beginning, now has come to expect high quality entertainment scripted shows Unscripted shows, however, hasve always been a challenge for them because it's not part of their brand expectation. So to air one of the top competition reality shows like RUNWAY on cable not only gives them a great series, but also gives them a beachhead in that space and allows them to launch new shows.

Lifetime continues its commitment to comedy on Monday nights. SHERRI premiered in an all new multi camera comedy on October 5th. SHERRI bows as part of a one-hour comedy block paired with returning RITA ROCKS. Both series will feature stripped original episodes for a full week.


RIHANNA SPEAKS OUT: A LIFETIME & 20/20 SPECIAL premiered on November 25th at 10pm
PROJECT RUNWAY (season #7) premieres January 14, 2010 at 10pm
MODELS OF THE RUNWAY (season #2) premieres January 14, 2010 at 11pm



LIVE PRIMETIME RATINGS COMPARISON November 2009 vs November 2008





Monday 8-11pm





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MTWTFSS 8-11pm





Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

Compared to November 2008, Lifetime's overall primetime averages were down. Both share and delivery were down -27% and -28%, respectively. In fact, all key demos were down nightly with the exception of Thursday nights. Thursday nights continued this month with PROJECT RUNWAY. Although the season six finale was the highest-rated episode of the season, numbers were significantly down from the season five finale on Bravo. The season finale of RUNWAY was down 11% from the October 2008 season-ender and off 28% in Women 18-49.

Lifetime's primetime monthly average for share and demo delivery were down this month compared to last month. Overall share fell flat and delivery was down -4%. However, there were three specific nights this month that did show growth. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights delivery was up +13%, +2%, and +27%, respectively. Tuesday nights stack of original comedy SHERRI boosted the Women 18-49 demos by +47%.

While Monday nights stack of RITA ROCKS fell flat this month, Tuesday nights comedy stack of SHERRI was up +17% share and delivery. Thursday nights PROJECT RUNWAY was up +8% overall and Women 18-49 share was up +15% overall. Even though RUNWAY's primetime averages were down from the previous season, this program was the highest rated reality program on cable for women over 18 and tops in total households. Lifetime now has a reality tentpole to go along with its lineup of original movies and scripted series.

Last month MEDIUM replaced REBA in primetime as the lead-in to movies. This month MEDIUM has been replaced by GREY'S ANATOMY as the 8pm lead-in, and between the two series, ANATOMY appears to be the better choice. ANATOMY is solid off-network acquisition, but we will keep an eye out to see if this series will continue to be a compatible lead-in to movies. DIETRIBE continued on Friday nights after its season premiere last month. DIETRIBE was actually down this month in all key demos.

There were no series series season premieres this month. There was one special to note, RIHANNA SPEAKS OUT: A LIFETIME & 20/20 SPECIAL which premiered on November 25th at 10pm. Lifetime is not necessarily in the business of airing these kinds of specials, but being the kind of celebrity that attracts a younger, hipper audience, and a buzz worthy story about the recent events in her life, it was a wise programming choice.

MOVIES, which comprised of a mix of MOW'S and theatricals were up this month overall. The prime MOVIE was up +10% in overall share, the Saturday MOVIE was up +27%, and the Sunday prime MOVIE was up +7%. Lifetime continues to churn out original movies and acquire top talent
female theatricals.

PROGRAM ACQUISITIONS:OBSESSED, THE UGLY TRUTH and JULIE & JULIA (exclusive basuc cable rights to all 3 SONY films and scheduled to premiere in 2011).

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE (exclusive off-net CBS cable rights. Lifetime will have access to 88 episodes including all future episodes. Premiere Fall 2010)

MAD MONEY (telefilm, by Overture Films) Deal reported just under $4 million. Premieres second quarter 2010.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (off CBS). Deal reported at $82.5 million. Premieres Fall 2010.

PROGRAM RENEWALS: DROP DEAD DIVA (season 2, 13 episodes ordered)
ARMY WIVES (season 4, 18 episodes, debut 2010)
RITA ROCKS (season 2, 20 episodes ordered)
DIETTRIBE (season #2, 8 episodes, debuts summer '09)