Lifetime Strategic Opportunities - July 2009




Lifetime is sitting pretty these days with the launch of season #3 of ARMY WIVES that continues to grow every week and being on the heels of DROP DEAD DIVA - the most successful launch of a scripted series right after ARMY WIVES.  Lifetime considers itself to be in a good position right now and is looking forward to PROJECT RUNWAY.  RUNWAY is a huge deal for the network and Wong considers it to be the third leg in the programming stool.  A network mainly known for movies and a brand that has been associated with it forever has now branched out to new new original series not onl scripted but now unscripted which has always been a challenge for them in the past.  Unscripted programming will bring Lifetime into a new arena and will be a challenge for them to explore.

They are also looking for more series like DIVA, shows that have a sense of humor, and programming fare that has a lighter, escapist attitude.

At Lifetime's recent upfront for 2009-2010, they have put together a slate of development for movies, scripted and unscripted series that reflects their commitment to growing and evolving the Lifetime brand.  Lifetime will ramp up their drama development, comedy and original movies, by producing 12 new original movies for next year.

Lifetime's mission, according to the network's tag line is to "celebrate, entertain and support women." JoAnn Alfano, the network's executive vice president of entertainment, said Lifetime Networks' task is serve a "broad palette" of women with a robust slate of new scripted and unscripted programming and tent-pole movie events on Lifetime and the Lifetime Movie Network. At Lifetime, with a lot of original programming and varied constituencies to serve, the trick is to remain the "destination for women" while bringing new, younger viewers into the tent.

Lifetime's programming strategy is now all about women having choices. To be able to lose themselves in sitcoms or find themselves via dramas. It's now all about women being portrayed as women whom they can connect with. Once the cable channel best known for its women in peril flicks, Lifetime has taken the dive into edgy comedies and upcoming tele-novela style melodramas.  They look for reality competition shows, game shows, scripted dramas geared to 25-54 demo; new artists, writers, hosts, reality & scripted show pitches and digital/new media content. They are also looking for more series like DIVA, shows that have a sense of humor, and programming fare that has a lighter, escapist attitude. They are in development on a number of comedies.

Additionally, Lifetime plans to pair DIVA with its hit drama ARMY WIVES on Sunday nights starting in June.  The network is also looking for a third original show for that night.


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