MTV Strategic Opportunities - August 2008

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MTV is undoubtedly one of the most recognized brands in the cable industry.  What began as a music network has exploded into a haven for well-developed, young-skewing, long-form programming. 

Much of MTV's shows revolve around the ages of the viewers they target - from teens to young adults.  There is a distinct music flavor to the network, even when the shows (like THE REAL WORLD or THE HILLS) don't necessary have anything "musical" about them.  Often music is used to convey emotions and new bands can find their big break when one of their songs debuts on an MTV show.  One visit to their website confirms it - music is definitely first at MTV, and long-form programming secondary.


Teen angst and lots of drama are keys for creating a successful MTV show.  Include some drunken hookups and alcohol-induced blowouts, and you're set.


MTV has acquired a variety of off-network reality shows (AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL and BEAUTY AND THE geek), which they share with sister net Vh1.   These programs consistantly perform well on both networks.


MTV does not accept unsolicited proposals.  But they are always featuring casting calls for a variety of their programming.  Information is available on their website at


With the announcement of several new reality series designed to teach poise and empowerment, it seems as if MTV is trying to shift its image away from being all about gratuitous parties, spoiled children, and drunken debauchery.  Will this new sort of entertainment/reality based competition empowerment series resonate with the core audience? 

MTV made an overall production services deal with A SHOT AT LOVE WITH TILA TEQUILA's production company 495 Productions and executive producer Sally Ann Salsano. The agreement includes developing, supervising, producing and consulting on MTV branded programming.


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